Before you begin planning for the funeral, it is customary to announce the death of your friend or family members as soon as possible. You want to start with private notifications, then work on public announcements after informing close friends and family members.

Funeral Announcement Templates, Creating a list of names and phone numbers for all those people you want to notify after death helps ensure that everyone receives news in a way and on time. This editable document has 41 lines to notify people and a checkbox when they have been called. You can copy and paste numbers from your contact list and print several pages if necessary.

Funeral Program Template

Printable basic obituary template

Limited information about the deceased due to a basic obesity is included. Simply put some details and an opthi is ready for you to share.

Printable biography style overview template

When you want to honor the deceased with a long and memorable place, a biographical style format allows you to include a lot of information.

Funeral Program Templates

For well documented and well designed printable funeral programs we have below options of funeral program templates

We have many more options such as half page 8.5 x 5.5 funeral program templates and other sizes. Please see All Funeral Program Templates page for more information.

Useful Funeral Related Resources

Google Drive:

Google Drawing 1:

Google Drawing 2:

Google Custom MAP:




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Nitin Chaudhary

Nitin Chaudhary

Tech geek & Web Expert with and

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