FUNERAL ORDER OF SERVICE, Deciding what to include in the funeral service order of services for your loved one may seem to be the most challenging part of the planning process. A funeral order of service brochure usually provides the funeral services schedule, and it may be handed to mourners when they arrive or sent to those unable to attend. In case of delays, a funeral director or the person conducting the funeral will attempt to adjust times accordingly, using the funeral order of service booklet as a reference.

The immediate friends and family members of the deceased person will schedule a funeral service with the assistance of the funeral planner and person conducting the service. Usually, the person conducting the ceremony will assist in running the order of the ceremony and what to include. Usually, there will be at least one reading during a funeral, and this may be done by The person conducting the ceremony, or by a close family member or friend.

The tone should never be mournful or serious, since a funeral service is generally intended as a celebration of a person’s life, and should include no words related to death or funerals. Since the Order of Service brochure is usually what attendees keep after the funeral, including pictures of the person who died, photos from family memories, and associated materials memorializing the person who died is an excellent idea. The last page or back cover of an order of service often includes another photograph of the deceased; this can be different from that used on the front cover, and can be a group photo or family photograph.

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