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An obituary usually includes personal details and therefore is typically written by a family member or a friend. An obituary usually includes more details of a person’s life and accomplishments. When writing an obituary, you will want to include a short summary of the decedent’s life. If you are assigned the duty of writing the obituary of someone who is not going to be having a funeral, there are plenty of other things that you may include.

If you are using an example obituary for inspiration, substitute the last line on funeral times, locations, and dates for a few more actions that bereaved people could do to honor the person who died. You do not need to include a cause of death in your obituary if you are not comfortable doing so. As mentioned above, a funeral obituary typically includes the names of those immediate surviving family members and friends who survived the decedent, along with those who preceded the decedent in death. An obituary is a short summary of the person’s life, typically including family members’ names, funeral or memorial service arrangements, and preferences regarding flowers and donations.

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